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IsatPhone Pro Docking Unit
                    S-09--Isatphone Pro Docking Unit  

Description & Benefits 

With Inmarsat Isatphone’s Fixed Docking Unit –ShunHang—S-90, Inmarsat Isatphone Fixed Docking Unit is a indoors docking adaptor that allows the usage of the Isatphone mobile phone in an indoor environment . S-90 complements the Isatphones by extending its operation and functionalities inside ships, buildings ,homes and offices .
Easy to install and operate , Place on desktop or wall
Compatible with Isatphone handsets
Supports high quality voice transmission via auxiliary
handset ,speaker phone .
Antenna structure is waterproof
Docking unit is use ABS materials
Automatic detection charging status,After fully charge will
stop charge automatic
8~36VDC or Micro USB 5VDC power input   

Docking parameter


Power connector : 2-Wire Aviation Connector 8~36VCD
                 or Micro USB 5VDC
Power consumption :
                Standby---- 85mA( 12V ) ,1W
                Calling------ 180mA( 12V ) ,2.4W
                Charging----500mA(12V),8W               Standby&Charging----850mA( 12V ) ,2.4W
Dimensions: L*D*H 266*171*60 mm
Weight:  0.9kg (no include phone)
         1.23kg (include phone)
Antenna Connetor: TNC-Female
Voice Connetor:   Rj9
Place way : Place on the table or Hang on the walk
Satellite : the fourth generation of satellite global network

Antenna parameter:

Transmitter Frequency: 1626.5~1660.5 MHz
Receiving frenquency:  1518.0~1559.0 MHz
Antenna input voltage: +5V
Antenna current :      <50 mA
Size:  ∅144.4mm  h 157.4mm
Weight:  0.31kg
Operating Temperature :-30℃ ~ +80℃
Storage Temperature :-35℃ ~ +85℃
Charging Temperature :0℃ ~ +45℃
Operating Humidity : 95% (40℃ operating temperature)
Storage Humidity : 95% (40℃ operating temperature)



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